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The Alchemy of Transformation.

Executive Coaching

Jenny is a coach for executives and emerging leaders across disciplines. She serves as witness to and champion for her clients’ brilliance and she is regularly awed by their courage, creativity, and callings.

Jenny facilitates a safe environment for inquiry, reflection, and action. This safety is grounded in a strong rapport built between Jenny and her clients, a relationship grounded in trust, empathy, and her capacity to hold space for exploration. Ultimately, the process is iterative and forward moving, always heading towards the goals her clients define and aspire to bring to fruition.

Jenny often says that coaching provides “the support her clients really needed, but never got” when they jumped into a career, launched a business, or climbed up whatever ladder they endeavored to climb. There came a moment – or rather a series of moments over weeks, months, or years – when they realized they needed a compassionate thought partner who listened actively, challenged when necessary, and empowered them to clarify, strategize, and achieve their goals.

For those who are willing, Jenny believes this insights-based, from the inside out work can be transformative in how her clients participate in their lives and contribute to this world at large. Just as with the alchemic process, the process is challenging, but the outcome is gold.

What’s Next?

Jenny and prospective clients schedule a “discovery call” to get to know each other and determine if there’s a good match. Often, folks share highlights of what brings them to coaching at that time. If there is synergy, Jenny provides a self-assessment in advance of the new client’s first session to reflect on their coaching objectives.

Typical coaching engagements are 6 months with sessions every 2-3 weeks for an hour. Sessions are held via Zoom, unless otherwise arranged. Clients regularly allot time in between sessions to do reflective or tactical exercises that emerge in session. Based on client interest, Jenny can facilitate assessments and stakeholder interviews that widen the lens of self-awareness.

Clients are welcome to reach out to Jenny during the extent of the coaching engagement via text or email depending on what is on their docket.

Towards the end of the coaching engagement, Jenny and her clients reflect on whether the time for closure has come or whether to continue the work together. This is a meaningful time of celebration, reflection, and pride.


It begins with one question or a series. We are here for you. Email us at jenny at davigoldllc dot com or use the button below.

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