Davi-Gold, LLC

The Alchemy of Transformation.

Jenny Davidson-Goldbronn, founder of Davi-Gold, LLC

We help people and organizations grow by providing executive coaching, facilitation, and strategy, grounded in our belief in the alchemy of transformation.

About Davi-Gold, LLC

One key concept underpins our company purpose: the alchemy of transformation.

The medieval forerunner of chemistry, alchemy is based on the supposed transformation of matter, translating base metals into gold. The work of transformation – the alchemic process – can be utterly challenging. And yet, the outcome is gold. The real work is to distill who you are – as a leader, board, or business – and how you intend to leave your mark.

Davi-Gold LLC is a Los Angeles-based, national-in-scope executive coaching and consulting firm comprised of two industry leaders with a combined 50+ years of professional experience. Ranging from startups to University systems, our coaching and consulting clients cross disciplines and sectors with special expertise in higher education, healthcare, human rights, and entrepreneurship.

We recognize the interplay between individual, organizational, and systems change. As such, we invest as much time in individual coaching as we do in organizational strategy to optimize sustainability and inclusion. We customize approaches based on the client’s unique individual and company needs such that every client gets a tailored strategy for them or their firm.


It begins with one question or a series. We are here for you. Email us at jenny at davigoldllc dot com or use the button below.

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